About Grammazoo

Grammazoo (whose real name is Sue) lives in Dubbo, in the central west of New South Wales with her husband Tom and two much-loved fur babies, Pi and Tiger.

Grammazoo – you may well ask what sort of name is that? Let’s hear from Grammazoo herself.

“To my eldest grandchild Keira, I have always been just plain Grandma, but to my three little granddaughters in Sydney, Airley, Pippa and Lyla, I am known as Grandma Sue.

“Grammazoo was coined in the excitement of the moment while playing with my three little girls. For some reason the two words seemed to run into one with the inevitable result – Grammazoo.

“I liked it, encouraged it, and now it’s stuck. Suffice to say, I will always be Grammazoo to the latest human edition to the family, Arthur Matthew.

“How could I not name my blog or shop by what I am best known as – Grammazoo?

“Until now, I have been mostly known for my beautiful Christening shawls, which have gone to first babies throughout the family and far beyond.

“I have been knitting since taught by my mother as a small child. My first effort, a baby’s jumper, was knitted for my brother Anthony, who turned 62 this year. I still have that jumper!

“My mother’s knitting legacy was her famous “Bubbles” Christening shawl. There wasn’t a baby among family and friends who didn’t get one.

“Mum passed away at a very young age, long before she had the joy of seeing all of her grandchildren and later, great grandchildren born. The chance to present them with the now vintage shawl is gone.

“For my part, it was important that the family tradition continued and to make sure Mum was a part of each of the next generation’s arrival on this planet, I dug out the old “Bubbles” pattern and started to knit.

“I have now done so many shawls for first-time parents that like mum, I can almost do the shawl blindfolded.

“There is always a shawl on my needles and in 2016, I entered baby Arthur’s shawl in the Dubbo Agricultural Show and won first prize. Yay! I have a prize-winning shawl!

“With knitting making a resurgence in this later stage of my life, I have decided to start a blog where new and old ideas, techniques, patterns and even quirky stories can be shared freely among like-minded crafters.

“I am not a designer per se and when using third party patterns I always acknowledge such with links to websites, blogs etc.

“However, I have an all-round interest in all things knitted and I often adapt patterns, using my own flair and style.

“Watch this space for something new, for you, from Grammazoo.”