About Grammazoo

Grammazoo lives in Dubbo in the central west of New South Wales with her husband Tom and much-loved Border Collie X Kelpie ‘Pi’.

Tom is a Maths teacher at St John’s College in Dubbo, and at the time, had to be convinced that the family needed a dog. Grammazoo was determined and named the cute little puppy Pi (as in ‘r squared’) even before she could leave her mother. The big guy finally gave in and they have both been besotted ever since. Now that Grammazoo has retired, Pi rarely leaves her side.

Grammazoo – what sort of name is that? She has always been Grandma to her eldest grandchild Keira in Melbourne, but to her three little granddaughters in Sydney, Airley, Pippa and Lylah, she is known as Grandma Sue.

When playing with or talking to her, the girls always ran the two words together in the excitement of the moment and so Grammazoo was coined. She liked it, encouraged it, and it’s stuck. She is also Grammazoo to the latest edition to the family Arthur Matthew.

Today Grammazoo is mostly known for her beautiful christening shawls, which have gone to first babies throughout the family and beyond, and after deciding to start a knitting blog, what better name to give it than Grammazoo.

Grammazoo has been knitting since taught by her mother as a small child. Her first jumper, a baby’s jumper, was knitted for her brother Anthony who turns 62 this year.

The knitting ‘wonder’ child became ‘famous’ for her knitting. The story goes that Grammazoo took her knitting to ‘town’ and was seen knitting like a pro in the Coles’ cafeteria. The Herald/Sun or Sun Pictorial as it was known way back in 1956, went to her home and snapped her happily knitting up all of mum’s stash into a brightly-coloured jumper.

Being the eldest child in a family of five, and a girl, Grammazoo was taught all manner of crafting by her mother and paternal grandmother, but it was knitting that stayed with her through the years.

With the introduction of easy-care, machine-knitted fabrics, hand-knitted garments went out of style for a long time, but Grammazoo kept on knitting for her own and friends’ babies, having a least one project a year on the go.

Daphne’s lasting knitted legacy was her famous “Bubbles” christening shawl. There wasn’t a baby who didn’t get one.

Daphne passed away at a very young age, long before she had the joy of seeing her great grandchildren born, and the chance to present them with the now vintage shawl.

It was important for the family to have the tradition continued and make sure Daphne was a  part of each of her the great grandchildren’s birth, so Grammazoo found the old “Bubbles” pattern and started to knit. She has now done so many shawls for first-time parents that like mother, she can almost do the shawl blindfolded.

Daphne’s “Bubbles” shawl has been sent across Australia and the world to Europe and America as gifts for the first-born grandchildren of many friends.

There is always one on Grammazoo’s needles, and last year she won first prize at the Dubbo Agricultural Show with the one she knitted for baby Arthur.

With knitting making a resurgence in this later stage of her life, Grammazoo has decided to start a blog where new and old ideas, techniques, patterns and even quirky stories can be shared freely among like-minded crafters.

Grammazoo is not a designer, but she has an all-round interest in all things knitted. She often adapts patterns using her own flair and wants to share with one and all what she has found and knows.

Help her spread the love, join the community and share your knowledge to help the young who are keen to learn this ancient craft.