Been a while

It has been a while since my last post, Easter no less. I am sorry for that, but sometimes life just gets in the way of all best laid plans.

Needless to say, I have still been busy knitting and with so many projects on the go, I thought projects, (yours and mine), would be as good as any place to start, particularly as I have even managed to finish a few.

A plastic bag full of the hoodie in its many pieces, some still under construction
The hoodie in its many pieces, some still under construction

Not sure if you remember the pile of pieces I had with me while visiting Melbourne during the last school holidays.

They were to be a hoody for my little man (who, by the way, turned one this month).

Finishing off has never been one of my strongest points, and it soon became clear the hoodie wasn’t going to come together by itself.

The hoodie sewn together in its entirety, with matching bootees
I finally got all the pieces sewn together and this was the end result

And no, I don’t have any hints to make it easier. I only wish!

I bit the bullet and set to work on a rainy Saturday afternoon in front of the footy. The result was very pleasing (as was the result of the footy, I think it was the weekend Collingwood did Geelong’s head in, ha ha).

Lucky for me this handsome, young super model (below) was happy to show my creation in its full glory and now I share it with you.

Baby Arthur wearing his new hoodie and bootees
My little supermodel showing off his new jacket and boots.

LoveKnittingThe hoodie pattern is good value for money (particularly as it is free) and it comes in sizes for everyone.

If you are interested, I picked the pattern up from With plenty of yarn left over, a matching pair of bootees was a bonus.

You can use any bootee pattern you like, but for me, I have always loved the style of these little feet warmers from Marianna’s

The other project that came to fruition during the past month was a beanie, once again for my little man. With winter fast approaching, I thought it appropriate to squeeze this little project in among the many others.

The banana beanie is a firm favourite.

The ‘banana’ beanie from Balls to the Walls Knits is a free pattern and is quick and easy to knit. With its giant pom pom, it looks a treat.

The boots I had already knitted once in navy blue, but the biggest size didn’t go anywhere near Arthur’s rather large ‘plates of meat’, no matter how hard his mum or I tried make them fit.

Never to be beaten, Grammazoo got to work to revamp the boot pattern adding a couple of larger sizes in the hope of fitting this fast-growing  specimen of the human race.

These boots are just a little different than the normal bootee.

It stretched the grey matter considerably but, the effort was worth it and I now lay claim to a pattern of my own.

I knitted the largest size for Artie and as I was sewing them up, I was thinking how large they looked. Nup, they fitted perfectly.

The pattern is for sale on my Etsy shop and comes in four sizes, but to thank you for your loyalty, please feel free to download the pattern to add to your collection.

My other work goes on and on (and you can bet you will hear about it as it gets nearer to completion). Suffice to say, I have plenty to keep me occupied.

I thought I had turned the heel of a sock when I knitted Arthur’s Christmas stocking late last year, and doing it without too much fuss,  I was puzzled at the perceived difficulty.

Thinking back on the knitting of the sock, I then remembered that I had knitted the stocking flat and sewed it up along the back seam.

I then realised that socks were knitted in the round and of course, this was where the difficulty came in.

Have you ever knitted socks?

How hard have you found it to turn the heel on double pointed needles?

I would love to hear your experiences. For my part, I have some beautiful Alpaca sock weight yarn just begging to be used and when all current projects are finished, I am going to have a go.

My next subject is crochet. Only because I want to show off and because I know there are a lot of you out there who crochet, and love it.

Well Grammazoo has only ever been able to do the basics, but for a challenge – as if there aren’t enough in this life – I took the opportunity when offered, to learn.

The lessons began with chain stitch and a single crochet stitch which thankfully, I managed very well.

The edges leave a lot to be desired, but they did get better.

The next lesson was the single post stitch, which gave a raised look to the fabric.

With these two stitches under my belt, I attempted my first project – a pixie hat for baby.

While the yarn I used wasn’t really appropriate for a baby, it was the only yarn I had in my stash in the required weight.

My first project, finished.

I was very happy with my first attempt and am looking forward to learning something new in the next lesson.

For those of you who are really proficient in the art of crochet, Jessica from the blog Mama in a Stitch has compiled some great crochet sites just for you, and for me when I get better. Check out her blog for a real treat.

While my Etsy shop is up and running, to be honest, I have discovered there is a lot more to do than just open a shop.

Currently I am busy reading, yes reading, and studying how I really go about having an Etsy shop.

I want to make this work, but have jumped the gun a bit and need to take a backward step while I do some serious hard work.

I will still be popping things up for sale, so please keep checking in, you never know, there might just be something I can help you with in the meantime.

Keep your eye on this space as new uploads will be featured here first and as in the case of the Cowboy boots, offered for free.

For sure …

How many of you knew that Grammazoo had taken on another puppy, another sheep dog puppy no less.

I thought a little update on my newest fur baby would add some fun to this post.

In the past month Tiger has reached some serious milestones.

He has joined Pi and I on our daily walks, and has made his mark with our friends at the river.Mind you taking two frisky dogs on a daily walk has its challenges.

My little fur man is growing fast and is not afraid to attempt anything new.

For a bit of fun, check out his antics in this little video. He might have been left behind, but it didn’t stop him enjoying himself.

New Majestic Needles from Knit Picks

Last but not least this month, it’s quiz time.

I did this quiz during the week, if you know your stuff, it’s easy and has the bonus of a free, basic beanie pattern.

Just in case you missed the clues for the pattern you can download it here.

Until next month, enjoy!