Clothes made out of newspaper

This story is one for conservationists and recyclers – clothes made out of old newspapers.

I wish I had seen it while I was working at the Daily Liberal and had access to any number of old newspapers.

It is certainly  one way of disposing of them and creating stylish, if not so comfortable garments.

It is a continuous cycle too, as there is no way you could wash these garments without ending up with loads of papier mache. Once worn, they’ll make good compost and go back to the earth in which more trees can grow.

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Something new

There is a certain majesty in simplicity which is far above all the quaintness of wit.

18th Century poet Alexander Pope

There is a lot of truth in Pope’s words as ‘The Yarn Harlot’, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee writes:

It is some kind of miracle that all knitting is constructed of only two stitches: knit and purl. [Amazing when you think of it!] Sure, you throw in some yarn overs, and sometimes you knit the stitches out of order, but when it really comes down to it, knitting is simplicity. The most incredible gossamer lace shawl, the trickiest Aran, a humble sock … each are just made with knit and purl.

Know these two stitches; Rule the world.

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Arm knitting

In line with large needles, mega balls of yarn, keeping fit etc, arm knitting is also becoming very popular. I have discovered a couple of different ways of explaining it and both have very wearable garments at the end.

I really want to have a go at this and will definitely be putting aside some time at the weekend.

With my total lack of coordination, I will probably be all left arms and feet, but I just love the end product and must at least try.

How about you have a go too and we can compare notes on Monday?

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