Welcome Tiger

Standoff at the OK corral.

It was dogs at 10 paces at Grammazoo’s yesterday.

We have acquired a new member to the family and the fabulous Pi is none to impressed. But Tiger is here to stay, so she will just have to get used to the idea.

Tiger is a kelpie x coolie, just seven weeks old and for all the world looks just like a hyena.

Like all babies, Tiger still spends a lot of time asleep.

I did think of calling him Hy, but I thought Pi and Hy was a bit much.

We now have two sheep dogs in the family and no sheep for them to round up which can be a problem, but lots of walks and hopefully, when Pi comes around, lots of chasing around in the back yard will wear them both out.

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Nuturing knitting

In these days of instant gratification, using a loom may just be enough to inspire a child to start knitting.

This heart-warming story melted my heart and reminded me of the many times I have tried to teach my granddaughter to knit, without much success I might say.

Keira was about eight when she noticed me knitting (one of the famous Grammazoo shawls) for the very first time. She was fascinated and by hook or by crook, decided this was what she wanted to do.

She pestered me for wool and needles, and after the promised trip to the shops the next day, we arrived home with some lovely purple wool – her favourite colour – and a set of appropriately-sized knitting needles.

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Happy Monday

Welcome back

LoveKnittingHope you all had a nice relaxing weekend.

There wasn’t much knitting done at Grammazoo’s during the weekend because it was hot, very hot. With clear blue skies and the sun beating down, the temperature reached 44 degrees on Saturday and 42 degrees on Sunday. Some relief came on Sunday afternoon when a change came through and believe me, it was more than welcome.

Precious Pi and I got up early for our walk as usual this morning and it was almost cold, I say almost, but it was definitely a lot cooler than it’s been for some time. Phew!!

With a new week coming Grammazoo has many more goodies just for you, but first, I am curious as to how your Valentine Day’s project went. Did you have a go at the rose or the little heart?

Having never felted before, I opted for the rose as a chance to try something new. Knitting the rose was easy but the suggestion I put it in the washing machine in hot, soapy water, all on its own, didn’t do much for me.

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Finally …

I know I was supposed to launch the latest pattern find yesterday, but we had the nbn installed, and … say no more.

It took time, longer than I had and so today, I give you my find for this week, a beautiful summery scarf knitted in Mesh Stitch, or as I discovered when looking at youTube for a video explanation, a version of the Mesh Stitch.

This pattern is by Susan Mills from www.classiceliteyarns.com and to be honest, I really love it.

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Welcome to the new week

Grammazoo welcomes you back to another week of everything knitted and boy, do I have some interesting things for you this week.

I hope you had a great weekend following on from Australia Day. I cannot believe that we are nearly at the end of January 2017 already. I am not sure where the summer holidays have gone, but gone they have and a subtle quiet has descended on the house during the day.

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Knitting for your health

A number of articles I have come across extol the benefits of knitting, crocheting or any craft for that matter, to your health and happiness.

It is said that knitting trains the mind and improves cognitive function, creates a sense of purpose, relieves stress (although if your pattern isn’t working, it could very well add to your stress), improves concentration and memory, builds good habits, strengthens upper limbs, provides a practical way to take a digital detox, cultivates personal communication and builds interpersonal relationships.

I can relate to most of these, so perhaps the article written by Health Fitness Revolution has some merit. Read on and let me know what you think.

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Week 3 already

Well the weekend has come and gone and it is back to work for many.

I hope you all had a wonderful time.

Little Arthur came for a swim yesterday and he really enjoyed his paddle as we pushed him back and forth across the pool.

His mum and I also managed to sort a few patterns for him for this coming winter. As they come along, I will be showing them off to you all. I am having the time of my life.

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