Been a while

It has been a while since my last post, Easter no less. I am sorry for that, but sometimes life just gets in the way of all best laid plans.

Needless to say, I have still been busy knitting and with so many projects on the go, I thought projects, (yours and mine), would be as good as any place to start, particularly as I have even managed to finish a few.

A plastic bag full of the hoodie in its many pieces, some still under construction
The hoodie in its many pieces, some still under construction

Not sure if you remember the pile of pieces I had with me while visiting Melbourne during the last school holidays.

They were to be a hoody for my little man (who, by the way, turned one this month).

Finishing off has never been one of my strongest points, and it soon became clear the hoodie wasn’t going to come together by itself.

The hoodie sewn together in its entirety, with matching bootees
I finally got all the pieces sewn together and this was the end result

And no, I don’t have any hints to make it easier. I only wish!

I bit the bullet and set to work on a rainy Saturday afternoon in front of the footy. The result was very pleasing (as was the result of the footy, I think it was the weekend Collingwood did Geelong’s head in, ha ha).

Lucky for me this handsome, young super model (below) was happy to show my creation in its full glory and now I share it with you.

Baby Arthur wearing his new hoodie and bootees
My little supermodel showing off his new jacket and boots.

LoveKnittingThe hoodie pattern is good value for money (particularly as it is free) and it comes in sizes for everyone.

If you are interested, I picked the pattern up from With plenty of yarn left over, a matching pair of bootees was a bonus.

You can use any bootee pattern you like, but for me, I have always loved the style of these little feet warmers from Marianna’s

The other project that came to fruition during the past month was a beanie, once again for my little man. With winter fast approaching, I thought it appropriate to squeeze this little project in among the many others.

The banana beanie is a firm favourite.

The ‘banana’ beanie from Balls to the Walls Knits is a free pattern and is quick and easy to knit. With its giant pom pom, it looks a treat.

The boots I had already knitted once in navy blue, but the biggest size didn’t go anywhere near Arthur’s rather large ‘plates of meat’, no matter how hard his mum or I tried make them fit.

Never to be beaten, Grammazoo got to work to revamp the boot pattern adding a couple of larger sizes in the hope of fitting this fast-growing  specimen of the human race.

These boots are just a little different than the normal bootee.

It stretched the grey matter considerably but, the effort was worth it and I now lay claim to a pattern of my own.

I knitted the largest size for Artie and as I was sewing them up, I was thinking how large they looked. Nup, they fitted perfectly.

The pattern is for sale on my Etsy shop and comes in four sizes, but to thank you for your loyalty, please feel free to download the pattern to add to your collection.

My other work goes on and on (and you can bet you will hear about it as it gets nearer to completion). Suffice to say, I have plenty to keep me occupied.

I thought I had turned the heel of a sock when I knitted Arthur’s Christmas stocking late last year, and doing it without too much fuss,  I was puzzled at the perceived difficulty.

Thinking back on the knitting of the sock, I then remembered that I had knitted the stocking flat and sewed it up along the back seam.

I then realised that socks were knitted in the round and of course, this was where the difficulty came in.

Have you ever knitted socks?

How hard have you found it to turn the heel on double pointed needles?

I would love to hear your experiences. For my part, I have some beautiful Alpaca sock weight yarn just begging to be used and when all current projects are finished, I am going to have a go.

My next subject is crochet. Only because I want to show off and because I know there are a lot of you out there who crochet, and love it.

Well Grammazoo has only ever been able to do the basics, but for a challenge – as if there aren’t enough in this life – I took the opportunity when offered, to learn.

The lessons began with chain stitch and a single crochet stitch which thankfully, I managed very well.

The edges leave a lot to be desired, but they did get better.

The next lesson was the single post stitch, which gave a raised look to the fabric.

With these two stitches under my belt, I attempted my first project – a pixie hat for baby.

While the yarn I used wasn’t really appropriate for a baby, it was the only yarn I had in my stash in the required weight.

My first project, finished.

I was very happy with my first attempt and am looking forward to learning something new in the next lesson.

For those of you who are really proficient in the art of crochet, Jessica from the blog Mama in a Stitch has compiled some great crochet sites just for you, and for me when I get better. Check out her blog for a real treat.

While my Etsy shop is up and running, to be honest, I have discovered there is a lot more to do than just open a shop.

Currently I am busy reading, yes reading, and studying how I really go about having an Etsy shop.

I want to make this work, but have jumped the gun a bit and need to take a backward step while I do some serious hard work.

I will still be popping things up for sale, so please keep checking in, you never know, there might just be something I can help you with in the meantime.

Keep your eye on this space as new uploads will be featured here first and as in the case of the Cowboy boots, offered for free.

For sure …

How many of you knew that Grammazoo had taken on another puppy, another sheep dog puppy no less.

I thought a little update on my newest fur baby would add some fun to this post.

In the past month Tiger has reached some serious milestones.

He has joined Pi and I on our daily walks, and has made his mark with our friends at the river.Mind you taking two frisky dogs on a daily walk has its challenges.

My little fur man is growing fast and is not afraid to attempt anything new.

For a bit of fun, check out his antics in this little video. He might have been left behind, but it didn’t stop him enjoying himself.

New Majestic Needles from Knit Picks

Last but not least this month, it’s quiz time.

I did this quiz during the week, if you know your stuff, it’s easy and has the bonus of a free, basic beanie pattern.

Just in case you missed the clues for the pattern you can download it here.

Until next month, enjoy!



Happy Easter

Happy Easter to you all, I hope you have a holy and happy holiday, and that the Easter bunny is very kind to you all.

Like many of us at this time of year, Grammazoo is spending time with her grandie.

Melbourne has been my destination this holidays and before I left home, I went through my stash and packed up all my current projects to bring with me.

I had trouble fitting the clothes in, but I am happy to say,  it hasn’t all been a wasted effort as I have managed to finish (the knitting at least) of all of Arthur’s current projects, knitted a couple of egg cosies for the Etsy shop and started a winter beanie for moi.

I have even spread to the floor of Travis’ lounge room.

Travis’ house is beginning to look like mine with bags of wool all over the place. Ha ha.

With resources a little limited while away, I thought this week we would do something different and have a bit of fun.

After all, that is what holidays are all about.

A dinosaur egg cosy in the making.

Let’s start with a quiz. The one I  chose was pretty easy, although I even managed to blow a couple of answers.

I liked it as it actually gave an explanation for each correct answer, so if you were like me and blew an answer, all was explained.

If you click on the following link, it will take you straight there,

Good luck!

And now something for the kids. Have any of you tried finger knitting? I’ve done the arm knitting thing, so thought this would be ideal to fill in some holiday hours with the kiddlywinks.

Mind you, my own granddaughter just looked at me with disdain when I suggested she have a go.

Personally I have never done finger knitting before, that I can remember anyway, so went straight to youtube to find a tutorial.

This link was the first I came across and explained it very simply. Well, I managed it, so that says something, and crikey, it was easy!

I then went a step further and found a little project that even the littlest grandie (except mine) could manage with a bit of help from grandma. There is nothing  prettier than a butterfly?

I just had to make it. It was so simple and literally took me about half an hour. I still couldn’t tempt the GD but hope you have more luck with your grandies.

If you don’t like this particular project, there are heaps more on youtube. I am sure you will be able to find something to keep each of your grandies happy.

I will be back to normal (whatever that is) next week, so until then, have a wonderful Easter and for those of you travelling, please travel safely.




I did, have achieved a lot, and am very happy!



Grand opening

Ta dah!

Finally, the grand opening of ‘grammazooknits’ on has been achieved. The stock is small, but the ideas are huge with more to be added as the weeks roll by.

These little fellows are just a few of the ideas I have actually worked at this stage. I have ideas for many more and the plan is to eventually write patterns for each and sell the patterns. They are simple to knit, but even I don’t want to spend my whole life knitting.

If you have any other ideas for egg cosies, let me know and I will have a go at making them.

Take a peek at what I have done so far by clicking on the link below:

Thank you all for your support

How very true these few words are.

Actions always say a lot more than mere words which can be rolled off the tip of the tongue without, in some cases, too much thought.




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Big is back

An article crossed my desk last week and at first I dismissed it, but since starting this blog, I have noticed that yarns are getting thicker and patterns similarly, accommodate these thicker yarns.

Personally I have always gone for the finer yarns, in many cases preferring to wear machine knitted garments over the bulkier hand knit.

Being small, I find the thicker yarns make me look bigger than I really want to look.

However, it seems, I have to find a compromise as according to the dictates of fashion, big is back.

Mind you, some of these designs leave a lot to be desired and by the look on the models’ faces, I feel they think the same. However, it is interesting that this could be the way we are headed.

Click here to read the article and check out more of the designs. Leave me a message, I would love to know what you think.

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Time flies …

Hello again,

I am not sure where my time goes, but go it does and as I find the end of March getter nearer, I really have to get my ‘a into g’.

I have been very busy trying to finish of my many projects, as well as getting ready to open my shop on Etsy.

Peter the Penguin has finally been completed and I am really chuffed with the result.

It is his eyes that make him so distinctive. They are a real feature of all of Amanda Berry’s designs.

Arthur’s tank top is almost there (see Grammazoo’s good advice below).

I have struggled with this project because of the way the Alpaca has knitted up, but after reading an article about Alpacas and their wool, I understand the problem and why.

I still have some of this beautiful wool left for another project and am hoping with my new-found knowledge, I will manage a far better result.

The stock for the Etsy opening has been the main focus of my work this week. While the little items don’t take a lot of time to knit, finishing them off does, particularly when you leave them all to be finished at once …

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The luck of the Irish

Thankyou for stopping by on this great day for the Irish.

Grammazoo has been busy finishing off and prioritising projects this week, as well as preparing for the grand opening of her shop at

Preparation for the shop has taken longer than first thought, so I have delayed the opening until the beginning of April. Knitting and finishing of stock is continuing so I can really do this properly.

Lowest prices on the best yarn - guaranteed at

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Project pandemonium

Oh my lordy, Grammazoo has got herself so busy she doesn’t know where to start next. She has so many projects on the go and so many lined up, it is time to stop, take a giant breath and put some order into the things she wants to share with you all.

Back of Arthur's tank top
Take two

Little Arthur’s retro tank top is finally about halfway done and I have a confession to make. I did a retake on this one.

The pattern I originally designed to break up the simplicity of the design just did not work with this particular yarn. To cut a long story short, I ripped the whole thing out and literally started again.

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3D shoes

Hello and welcome back to another week

Grammazoo’s second email will be delivered to your inbox Wednesday with lots of things not featured on the website or on Facebook.

Featured at the top of the list is the monthly pattern for members only. I can’t wait to show you.

It is something for the young and the young at heart. It is easy to knit, and is something you can dress up or down.

Make sure you don’t miss out, it isn’t too late to subscribe.

Out of the mouths of babes

Lowest prices on the best yarn - guaranteed at knitpicks.comI love my little quote book by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and this next quote just goes to show how much notice children actually do take of what is going on around them.

I am not sure I would take my knitting while going shopping or to the bank, but this little girl has obviously noticed the therapeutic affect knitting has on her mother, and felt it would certainly help the little boy’s mother.

It is the working man who is the happy man.
It is the idle man who is the miserable man.

Benjamin Franklin

My daughter and I were trapped in a seemingly endless bank line. Now me, I’m an experienced mother. I had a children’s book, a baggie of snacks, and my knitting in my purse. I’ve been in this line before and now I come prepared. The woman in line ahead of us had come with nothing but her son and her wits, and she was showing clear signs of not only losing her temper but also developing a twitch over one eye. My daughter watched the woman become increasingly agitated and finally commented to the woman’s son, “your mum should get some knitting; that’s what my mummy looks like without it”.

I recognise that knitting can improve my mood
in trying circumstances.

Stephanie Pearl – McPhee

3D knitted shoes, what next?

There isn’t much that can’t be printed or in this case, knitted in 3D these days.

These shoes sound incredibly comfortable, particularly as you can buy one for each foot completely separately.

Cutting down on waste, they are certainly eco-friendly, but I wonder about their practicality.

How weatherproof would they be? I know with sneakers that I have had with a knitted component, my feet still get awfully wet in winter and what’s more, I go through the toes in next to no time.

I understand that perhaps I walk a little differently to others, but it is still a problem for me. Wouldn’t it be the same for these shoes?

There is also no mention of cost, only that they are cost-effective to make. Nah, give me leather anytime.

Have a read of the article and let me know what do you think?

Pattern of the week – Child’s cushion by Amanda Berry

These are just some of the lovely cushion designs by Amanda Berry.

This week’s pattern is something different, a cushion or pillow for the children’s room or family room, but definitely for the children.

In my travels on Google, I found a series of cushions by designer Amanda Berry that I thought you would really like.Wool Yarn from Knit Picks

They are perfect on a child’s bed or chair and there are so many to choose from, each child is able to choose their own.

Amanda Berry’s designs all feature the enormous, odd eyes that are immediately irresistible.

For my mind, I fell in love with the penguin. I have already named him Peter and am very happy to share him with you.

For a copy of Amanda Berry’s Penguin Cushion pattern go to

Please be aware that this pattern is copyrighted and cannot be sold on. I have paid for the privilege of its use and am sharing with you for your use only.

Did you know – there is a giant, pink rabbit in the Alps?

The pink rabbit. If you Google pink rabbit, Gelatin, you will be able to read lots more.

And no, I have not been drinking, yet!

There is a giant, hand-knitted pink rabbit clinging to the side of the Alps near Piedmont in Italy.

This giant pink ‘Bugs’ was created by the Gelatin Collective, a group of four artists from Vienna in Austria.

These guys are known for their very large and often strange works, and this piece is meant to make people feel small, in the vein of Gulliver.

The 61 metre (200 foot), long, pink knitted rabbit – ‘Hase’ – was created using 1000 kg of pink wool, and took dozens of ‘grannies’ more than a year to knit the basic shape. It took a further seven weeks to stuff and put it in place. It makes the pink pussy hats look very small to be sure.

A big tourist attraction in the Alps, it is not just for looking at or walking around. You are actually encouraged to explore and climb it, even take a picnic on its belly.

The collective hopes that the sculpture will exist for 20 years. I will be interested to see how the fabric stands up to the elements. It is free for the public to explore.

T-shirt yarn project

Please remember I adapted this pattern from a crochet pattern. To see the crochet pattern go to


You will be pleased to know my T-shirt yarn project is finally finished and I have a scary monster for my new puppies to play with.

They love it and have already taken the button-eyes off and chewed them to pieces. As I write the monster is taking a breather in the back yard. Both dogs are out of the heat and under the airconditioning, waiting for dinner.

I think when you see the end result, you will appreciate why the little hand bag wouldn’t have worked.

The monster has lumps and bumps where there shouldn’t be, compliments of the seams in the T-shirts I used.

This is the original crochet monster by Recoverista on Ravelry.

It works well for a scary monster, but the clutch is far too elegant and as I have mentioned in an earlier post, either seamless T-shirts or commercially-produced T-shirt yarn would be best for that particular project.

A knitting pattern for the monster will be available for download on the pattern page by the end of the week if you are interested in having a go. It is not perfect, and if you have any suggestions to modify it, please let me know.


Weekend project update

Aagh the never-ending weekend project. How you must dread it.

I must admit this one intrigued me, no needle sizes, no ply suggested, it was anyone’s guess. The fact it came from two centuries ago, was enough for me to try it.

I used a 4ply Alpaca blend with 4mm straight needles and knitted my little piece of 19th Century pattern with the following result.

It was very pretty to be sure, and with enough length would make a very beautiful, false collar with its little picket edge for a jumper, or really any other round necked garment. What do you envisage for this little piece of history?

I would love to know and I am sure there are a lot of others in the same boat out there. Thank you for having a go.



Happy Monday

Welcome back

LoveKnittingHope you all had a nice relaxing weekend.

There wasn’t much knitting done at Grammazoo’s during the weekend because it was hot, very hot. With clear blue skies and the sun beating down, the temperature reached 44 degrees on Saturday and 42 degrees on Sunday. Some relief came on Sunday afternoon when a change came through and believe me, it was more than welcome.

Precious Pi and I got up early for our walk as usual this morning and it was almost cold, I say almost, but it was definitely a lot cooler than it’s been for some time. Phew!!

With a new week coming Grammazoo has many more goodies just for you, but first, I am curious as to how your Valentine Day’s project went. Did you have a go at the rose or the little heart?

Having never felted before, I opted for the rose as a chance to try something new. Knitting the rose was easy but the suggestion I put it in the washing machine in hot, soapy water, all on its own, didn’t do much for me.

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