Clothes made out of newspaper

This story is one for conservationists and recyclers – clothes made out of old newspapers.

I wish I had seen it while I was working at the Daily Liberal and had access to any number of old newspapers.

It is certainly  one way of disposing of them and creating stylish, if not so comfortable garments.

It is a continuous cycle too, as there is no way you could wash these garments without ending up with loads of papier mache. Once worn, they’ll make good compost and go back to the earth in which more trees can grow.

I do have a small stack of old papers in the garden shed – perhaps I could spend the weekend cutting them into strips and winding them into balls … another crazy project for Grammazoo!


Stitch #2 – Mesh stitch

I was checking out youTube for a video of mesh stitch and it would seem there are any number of ways to do this stitch. Did I find one with the method needed for this week’s free pattern (see Grammazoo tomorrow), in a word, no, so you will have to trust my instructions.

Most of the videos showed methods that were made up of four rows, some of which were inordinately easy, but very effective. I may have to build on just this one stitch.

The one you will need for tomorrow’s pattern however is just two rows, one straight garter stitch and the other, garter stitch with some cleverly placed yarn overs, and knit togethers.

To complete the pattern you will need a multiple of 4 stitches plus 3 to make it work.

For the little sampler I used 15 stitches.



Cast on 15 stitches or multiple of 4 plus 3

Row 1: Knit

Row 2: Knit 2, *yo, k3tog, yo, k1 repeat from* to last stitch, k1

What you end up with is a lovely open weave, a little like macramé. Perfect for a summery T-shirt or scarf. It would also make a lovely panel in a jumper or cardigan.

Happy knitting!