Friday fun day

‘Knot’ your average knitter

Worsted Weight Yarns from knitpicks.comThis story is one for the blokes.

Bart Larsen unashamedly takes his knitting everywhere he goes and has produced some beautiful work.

Check out his blog to see just how talented this bloke is.

Pattern update – Peter Penguin

I have made a start on my penguin cushion and so far, so good.

I have nearly done his front with its little white tuxedo and am moving on to finish his head.

The pattern is very easy to read and follow, so I should have this little fellow done at the weekend.

Stitch of the Week – Berry in a box

This stitch would make a lovely inset into a jumper or cardigan, or as an all over pattern for a baby’s pram or cot blanket.




You will need a multiple of six stitches plus one
Row 1: (RS)P3, *k1, p5; rep from *, end k1, p3
Row 2: K3tog, *yo, (k1,yo,k1) in next st, yo, decresed 5 as follows: k2tog-b, k3tog, pass the k2tog-b st over the k3tog st; rep from * end yo, (k1,yo,k1) in next st, yo, k3tog-b
Rows 3 and 5: K1, *p5, k1; rep from *
Row 4: P1, *k5, p1; rep from *
Row 6: Inc in first st, *yo, decrease 5 as in row 2, yo, (k1,yo,k1) in next st,; rep from *, end yo, decrease 5, yo, inc in last stitch
Row 7: As row 1
Row 8: K3, *p1, k5; rep from *, end p1, k3
These eight rows form pattern.


In case you are getting really keen, yoga socks will help keep your feet warm in winter. Click image to get the pattern.

This is the fifth in our series of yoga poses for knitters and crocheters compliments of Lion Brand Yarn

This is a great stretch to open your shoulders.

While following AJ in this move, the release of stress in my shoulders was immediate. Enjoy.

That is the news for this week, I hope you have enjoyed what I have been able to show you.

Don’t forget, if there is anything you would really like to know, a pattern you would like to knit, something you can’t work out. Email me, I am here to help.

Enjoy your weekend and keep those fingers knitting.