Happy Easter

Happy Easter to you all, I hope you have a holy and happy holiday, and that the Easter bunny is very kind to you all.

Like many of us at this time of year, Grammazoo is spending time with her grandie.

Melbourne has been my destination this holidays and before I left home, I went through my stash and packed up all my current projects to bring with me.

I had trouble fitting the clothes in, but I am happy to say,  it hasn’t all been a wasted effort as I have managed to finish (the knitting at least) of all of Arthur’s current projects, knitted a couple of egg cosies for the Etsy shop and started a winter beanie for moi.

I have even spread to the floor of Travis’ lounge room.

Travis’ house is beginning to look like mine with bags of wool all over the place. Ha ha.

With resources a little limited while away, I thought this week we would do something different and have a bit of fun.

After all, that is what holidays are all about.

A dinosaur egg cosy in the making.

Let’s start with a quiz. The one I  chose was pretty easy, although I even managed to blow a couple of answers.

I liked it as it actually gave an explanation for each correct answer, so if you were like me and blew an answer, all was explained.

If you click on the following link, it will take you straight there, http://www.funtrivia.com/html5/specific.cfm?poolid=15323

Good luck!

And now something for the kids. Have any of you tried finger knitting? I’ve done the arm knitting thing, so thought this would be ideal to fill in some holiday hours with the kiddlywinks.

Mind you, my own granddaughter just looked at me with disdain when I suggested she have a go.

Personally I have never done finger knitting before, that I can remember anyway, so went straight to youtube to find a tutorial.

This link was the first I came across and explained it very simply. Well, I managed it, so that says something, and crikey, it was easy!

I then went a step further and found a little project that even the littlest grandie (except mine) could manage with a bit of help from grandma. There is nothing  prettier than a butterfly?

I just had to make it. It was so simple and literally took me about half an hour. I still couldn’t tempt the GD but hope you have more luck with your grandies.

If you don’t like this particular project, there are heaps more on youtube. I am sure you will be able to find something to keep each of your grandies happy.

I will be back to normal (whatever that is) next week, so until then, have a wonderful Easter and for those of you travelling, please travel safely.




I did, have achieved a lot, and am very happy!