It’s Friday

Happy weekend from Grammazoo!

Weekend’s mean it is time for our next small project and this weekend we are going to recycle some old t-shirts by shredding them and using the cut pieces as yarn to make something new and useful. Interested?

Of course, you can buy t-shirt yarn by the cone, but I thought it would be far more fun to recycle some old ones and see what we get.

There is a little preparation to be done for this project, but this great little tutorial at explains it all very simply.

When I chose this project, I thought I would have no problem finding something interesting to knit. How wrong was I? Interesting didn’t cut it as all I found were dish cloths (boring) and an odd footrest which was far too big for the couple of shirts I planned to use.

For the lucky ones who can also crochet, there are some lovely patterns. However, I can’t crochet and found myself in real trouble.

Thankyou Aleksandra for saving my project!

However, my never-say-die persistence came through in the end and I found this lovely little clutch bag. I am just hoping I have enough in my few cast-off shirts to finish it. ‘Mr’ Grammazoo’s old t-shirts are looking good at the moment and may have to be called to action whether he likes it or not.

The pattern can be downloaded from and is yours to keep. When you have retired enough old t-shirts, you may like to try it.

The little bag does have a cute little strap by which you can carry or swing your bag. A tutorial for strap can be found at here and comes with compliments of Aleksandra who writes at

I think I am going to have some fun with this one.

Great idea when knitting a gauge swatch

How many of you actually check your gauge before starting a new project?

I for one am very guilty of not doing so, but I will save the reasons we all should for another post.

If you do the right thing and check your gauge before you start, this little tip is worth its weight in gold.

To make sure you don’t forget what size needle you used for the swatch you made, make a row of eyelets equal to the size of needle you used as shown in the photograph below.

And just a little knitting tip reminder: 

  • To get less stitches per inch use larger needles
  • To get more stitches per inch use smaller needles

Tip compliments of

Yoga for knitters #4

I am sure you will enjoy this simple stretch to help loosen tight shoulders brought on by sitting in the same position knitting, crocheting or even after sitting at your computer for an extended length of time.

Pattern update

This side shows the loop after being rejoined to main body of scarf.

Has anyone had a go at the little neck warmer? I haven’t had time to go and get some Alpaca, but thought I would have a go with a similar weight wool from my stash.

What I didn’t realise was, you don’t actually tie this scarf. A loop is knitted with quite an interesting technique and you simply thread the other end through the loop to tie.

The other side of the loop.

If you do decide to trial this pattern, write a review, post some photos and get your name in print.

Your thoughts and photos will be included in Grammazoo’s forthcoming e-book.

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