Australia Day

DID YOU KNOW?  – The world’s fastest knitter is Miriam Tegels of the Netherlands. She can hand knit 118 stitches in one minute.

Miriam’s record still stands in the Guinness Book of Records to this date. She knits in the continental style and maintains keeping movements to a minimum is key to her speed. Click here to see Miriam in action.

Tip for the week

A new segment to Grammazoo, is knitting tips to help you with every project you attempt. In time I plan to put all tips together in an e-book that you will be able to download for free.

For now you will have to make note of weekly posts or of course, if you sign up, the weekly tips will come straight to your inbox as part of Grammazoo’s monthly newsletter.

Clean stripes while working ribbing
Can you spot the difference?

Have you ever noticed that when you change colours knitting rib, the purl stitches are visible on the right side of the work? This is a very untidy look, don’t you agree? Well a little fix I found at  makes your work look a lot neater.

Instead of ribbing when you change colours, on the right side row simply knit straight across, continuing the ribbing on the next row. The result is a crisp, straight line without any ups and downs.

Wrong side of the work and why it wouldn’t work for a stripey scarf.

My only comment to this simple technique is that you now have a definite wrong side to your work. If for example you are knitting a stripey scarf where both sides are visible, this technique will not work and I would stick to ribbing with the colour changes. But where the wrong side is not seen, this is a perfect correction to an otherwise messy look.

New pattern

How is your baby beanie going? I have finished mine and have decided to call it my pumpkin hat. Not too hard to see why with the colours I have used.

It didn’t take too long to knit and apart from being very simple, it was also another great little stash buster as it didn’t use a lot wool.

The perfect gift for that new baby.

Match it with bootees in the same theme and you have a lovely little gift for a newest member of your family.

For Squish

Yay, the knitting is finished and now comes time for the blocking where the shawl is lightly wet and then spread on the floor for a week to open up the fibres and form its beautiful weblike look.

After that, it hits the post box with love from Grammazoo.