Join in the fun

Knitting is making a resurgence among the younger generation and Grammazoo wants to keep you up-to-date with all the latest trends, news, quirky ideas and news, and to help match you with the right products for your next project.

Long gone are the days when every town and village had its own wool shop, its walls packed to the rafters with balls of wool in all the colours of the rainbow. In these wonderlands, you would find patterns to knit just about anything, and staff who knew exactly what you were after for that special project.

I know there are many knitters frustrated by the lack of availability of quality wool and knitting supplies at their fingertips and I need your help.

In Dubbo we are lucky, we have Robyn and Mandy from Yummy Yarn and Co who have brought back the type of wool shop we all remember. But what about your town?

Do you have somewhere special you shop for your knitting supplies? Write a review and let’s build a list to promote these woolly wonderlands for all to see.