Knitted muscles

Scientists find new use for knitted ‘fabric’

Science never ceases to amaze me and now the age-old craft of knitting is going to be used to knit ‘muscles’ to help people with mobility problems.

Scientists have created a ‘new type of smart fabric that can control movement’. Click here to read the full story.

Tip of the week

LoveKnittingFollowing up on last week’s tip, this week I want to go a bit further with gauge swatches and why we should all do them.

I am as guilty as any one of never doing a gauge swatch, it has always seemed  such a waste of time and of course, yarn.

A number of articles about gauge and why you should knit a swatch have crossed my desk recently, and there is certainly some merit for getting into the habit of doing so.

This tutorial from was one of the best and explains the why’s and what for’s in lay-man’s terms with good examples and photographs of the method.

One of my current projects would have benefited from a gauge swatch. I am using a very fine alpaca wool. In hank form the wool looks amazing, but it certainly isn’t knitting up as well as I thought and perhaps with different needles, I would have achieved a better result. I will certainly think twice before knitting up the remainder of this particular yarn.

Do you knit gauge swatches or tension squares? It will be something I will consider more in the future.

Weekend project – Narrow knit thread lace

While looking for a weekend project I came across this interesting piece of a pattern from an 1888 Northern Territory newspaper on Trove.

I am not exactly sure how I came to find it, but this was the article, pieced together.

The original article went over two columns, there was no story, just the pattern under the heading ‘Narrow knit thread lace’. For a larger version of the pattern, check out the patterns page.

There was no image, so I had no idea what this snippet would produce and because it piqued my interest, I thought it would make a good weekend project.

I did a little research on lace knitting and found it was taught to women of low means in the 18th Century, enabling them to some extent become self-sufficient.

This piece of lace knitting was attached to the original article. I just wonder if these few rows of stitches turn out the same.

It was also as a substitute for point lace which was more difficult to learn, took longer to make and was more expensive to buy. (from Sharon Miller Heirloom 2013)

In many ways the ‘Bubbles’ shawl is probably a very good example of knitted lace.

I can’t wait to see what this snippet of a pattern looks like. I wonder if it will be anything like the sampler I found or something totally different.

I will be sharing my outcome on Monday. Why don’t you have a go? I would be keen to compare notes to see if we read the pattern the same way.

Pattern follow-up

I have a confession to make, I didn’t get to starting my ‘black and white’ footy scarf as promised. The wool is ready to go, needles are at attention, but time escaped me. However, I did make a start on my revamped t-shirt yarn project.

Remember I was going to re-work a crochet pattern into a knitting pattern. The

Can you guess what this is going to be? Perhaps we should take bets, will make me work faster if nothing else. Leave me a message, what do you think this is going to be.

end result is still a secret, but so far, so good. I am happy with the way it is progressing.

The yarn is knitting up ok, which is why I think commercial t-shirt yarn would be best for the original project of the little clutch purse. It is knitting up a bit lumpy when I come to what was once a side seam, which is why t-shirts with out seams are suggested.

Hang in though, my goal this weekend is to finish the project, write the pattern and show you the finished result on Monday. A tall order, probably, but you just never know.

A little bit on the home front

I am very worried, Tiger could not take his eyes off the washing. Shades of things to come I think.

The dogs have finally made friends, of sorts.

Pi has found her manners again which means she is no longer cross with me.

Tiger drives her crazy and she still growls at him, but at least she now tolerates him and I feel I can leave them alone and she won’t eat him, phew!




Yoga for knitting

Are you ready for the next pose, a stretch to open the shoulders. By the time we have finished this series we will all be fit to knit for a lifetime.

There is quite a catalogue being built here and I hope you are enjoying the series. Let me know! I would love to hear from you and see how you feel about this program. I love it and hope you are getting some benefit from it. Enjoy!