Mary Ellen’s Christmas Stocking

I love knitting patterns that come with a story and I found this one just in time for our little Arthur’s first Christmas.

Basically it was a sock and to be honest, I was worried as I had heard about the difficulty of ‘turning a sock’. In all my years of knitting, I had never tried it, but this was an important occasion, so Grammazoo set to work.

In all honesty, it wasn’t that hard, although knitting on four needles was still as awkward as it always has been.

Maybe I could take up sock knitting for winter and sell them at the local markets during winter … nah, too hard. Baby bootees are much easier.

Anyway, I digress …

The pattern I found was ‘Mary Ellen’s Christmas Stocking’ and I found it’s provenance heartwarming.

Please read on …

Mary Ellen’s stocking by Priscilla Kinter.

These stockings were designed by my grandmother, Mary Ellen Kinter. She made them for everyone in the family (her children when they were young, their spouses later in life, her grandchildren, her great grandchildren, friends and their children and spouses and grandchildren … they’ve gone to so many homes with her love, that they were even mentioned in her obituary.

I’m the only person in my dad’s family who knits (well aside from my grandmother, obviously), so when Grandma died a few years ago, the family knitting became my responsibility.

I was thinking about how happy it would make her to have more children than even the many, many that she knew and loved – and trust me, Grandma never met a child she didn’t love; her door and table were open and available to every kid of any age, anyone who was hurt, lonely, hungry … or happy, content, fun, and just in need of a snack and a glass of milk.

It’s one of those things that sounds like a cliché to say about a loved one who’s dead, but it’s true – Grandma never turned anyone away, ever. Period.

She would love it if even more children woke on Christmas Day to a brightly coloured stocking filled with treats or toys chosen for them by someone who cares. And that is why I’m making her pattern available to anybody who wants it.

Santa stocking in red, green and white
Arthur’s new Christmas stocking made by Grammazoo from Mary Ellen’s pattern.

I made this stocking for Arthur and put it under our tree for Christmas. I hope he will treasure it as all the other lucky recipients have been. There is a lot more information in the pattern than I have included here, but I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Thankyou Priscilla Kinter @

BTW, Arthur loved it … and so did Matthew who is a Rabbits supporter. You can’t help bad luck … Go Raiders!