Did you know…?

Socks uncovered in Ancient Egypt.

Did you know … the oldest pair of socks in the world is at the Victoria and Albert museum and comes from Ancient Egypt?

The socks were uncovered during an archeological dig at ancient Oxyrhynchus, which was a Greek colony on the Nile in central Egypt.

When I first saw these weird-looking socks, I wondered what sort of feet our ancient Egyptian friends must have had. These looked more like they would fit an emu rather than a human, but reading further I discovered they were designed to be worn with sandals.

I suppose it must have got cold in Ancient Egypt at some point during the year and our friends needed something to keep their tootsies warm.

Apart from this little bit of trivia, I discovered the socks were fabricated using a technique called nålbindning. I had never heard of this before and my interest was piqued. For more, check out my page on new techniques.