Mary Ellen’s Christmas Stocking

I love knitting patterns that come with a story and I found this one just in time for our little Arthur’s first Christmas.

Basically it was a sock and to be honest, I was worried as I had heard about the difficulty of ‘turning a sock’. In all my years of knitting, I had never tried it, but this was an important occasion, so Grammazoo set to work.

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Woolly bully walks free

Amanda McCabe

While trawling Google before Christmas I came across this quirky news story about a woman in Dundee, Scotland who was prosecuted, and found guilty of road rage while on her way to her local wool shop.

The sheriff of Dundee certainly had a novel idea for punishing this offender.

She was lucky to complete her community service in the comfort of her own home particularly as she did attack the other driver and I wonder how much it actually cost her in wool.

Maybe a fine would have been better. although it seemed the sheriff was happy with her efforts and so her ‘fine’ was fully paid.

Would our courts be so imaginative or forgiving? I would love to hear what you think? To read the story please click here.