Tom Baker’s Dr Who Scarf

This pattern is more like a

recipe than a pattern, but provided you follow the number of rows for each colour, you should be ok.

Click here to download the pattern compliments of BBC Enterprises.


Bun hat

I loved this the minute I saw it and will definitely be knitting one for myself.

With winter coming it keeps the ears warm and the hair free.

This is a free pattern download from the Lion Brand website.



Troll Hair Hat

.pdf file of newborn baby hat named troll hair hat
Click image to download pattern

This newborn beanie is just too cute for words. The pattern by Melody Rogers from Melody’s Makings is sized up to early teens, so you could make one for each member of the family.

I would love to see it in green, as I thought all trolls were green or had green hair at least.

The pattern calls about 30metres of 8ply yarn, 150metres of fun fur, and about 10metres of yarn for the bow.

The bulky fun fur yarn is a Lion Brand yarn which would need to be bought online, but I think it could be substituted for Moda Vera Jazz which can be purchased locally at Spotlight if you don’t want to wait.

There is lots of fun to be had with this pattern.

St Patrick’s Day

Click image to download pattern

When Grammazoo gets a little more time, she will definitely have a go at this one, maybe for next St Pat’s Day, 




Click image to download pattern

The second pattern is something a little different for our little girls.

Instead of beanie, a turban to keep her head warm in the winter and a bonus dress to match.

What more could you ask for?




Tiger bonnet and toy

image of toy tiger and bonnet to match
To download pattern, please click image

I haven’t tried this pattern yet, but with a love of tigers, particularly my new little man, and a love of knitting something for the little ones in our life, I couldn’t resist.

This will go on the ever-growing, to-do list, but please, if you have a go, post on Facebook or here.

I would love to see it for real.

Please thank Melody Jo Rogers for this pattern. Melody works hard to create little gems such as these and is very generous with her talents.

Nemo update

Grammazoo has finally added the stripes to the pattern for Nemo. I hope you can follow them as they make the sad little gold fish absolutely come to life. You can download the original pattern if you scroll down a little further, but for the stripes, click here.

T-shirt Monster

At last, the knitted pattern for the T-shirt monster. Click here for pattern.



Penguin cushion

A new month, a new pattern. This time something for the kiddlywinks and you have to love them, the kiddlywinks that is.

I found a whole series of ‘animal’ cushions designed by Amanda Berry who owns a store on and who also designs some amazing knitted toys, cushions, and other wonders for the young and the young at heart.

Her designs have a distinctive look and I am sure you will love them all. When I look, I don’t know where to start first.

However the penguin really did take my fancy and so I downloaded the pattern and have uploaded here for you to try out.

Good luck and let’s see what we come up with. I am hoping to start mine tomorrow so I have something to show on Friday.

Narrow knitted thread lace

A .pdf of the pattern can be downloaded from here. I can’t wait to see what it will look like.

Footy’s back, well almost!

Click image to download pattern

This pattern gives you everything you need to set baby up for the coming footy season, including a scarf.

And please, there is an explanation for the colours in this photo. When I do the scarf, the colours will be correct.


Recycling old t-shirts

I thought this would be a bit of fun for everyone. I have my recycled t-shirts ready to go and will be going through the preparation a la

Mine is going to be and interesting mix of colour, but that makes it all the more fun. To download the pattern for the little clutch bag click here.

Neck warmer with flower

To download this simple neck warmer, click here.





Valentine’s Day

And so, for a little fun some Valentine’s Day gifts, a simple heart to which to can attach a personal message and a bunch of roses.

I have decided to do the roses, although whether I do the whole bunch is another thing. I have never felted before, so one for the ‘major’ may well be enough. Which one will you try out and who will you give it to?

Grammazoo is a big sticky beak, leave a message, your secret is safe with me.


Retro tank top

Click image to download a copy of the pattern.

This is a very easy pattern and can be dressed up with different coloured stripes or using a different stitch to reflect the stripes, the choice is yours.

I chose to use reverse stocking stitch in a block of pattern to give some interest to an otherwise plain garment.



Can we turn this little fish into our hero Nemo? Click image for pattern.

I know this Nemo has no stripes, but the challenge is to give him some.

Kathy Lewinsky’s fish pattern is perfect to turn into our little tropical friend.

For a .pdf version of the pattern click on the image.

I look forward to your inventiveness, and don’t forget to write down where you change the pattern! Catch your pics on Monday …

Mesh Scarf

This is a beautiful open knit scarf/shawl, definitely suited to summer. It is easy to knit and is easy to wear. There are no tricks needed to knit this elegant piece and its style is only limited by your imagination.

My interpretation was just as simple and would be elegant with any summer outfit.


19th Century baby ball

Click image to download pattern

This simple pattern is knitted in short rows to form the ball. It is easy, quick and makes a great child’s toy.





Rib Knit Baby Hat

Click image to download a copy of the pattern.

This week’s free pattern comes from Jennifer Sauselien from Sorella & Company.

It is a simple ribbed baby’s beanie. A great pattern for the novice knitter as there is no decreasing.

The beanie is given its shape by drawing the top and securing it with a twisted cord or a single chain (note the man’s voice in this tutorial, I love it) tie.

I will be working away at this during the week, and perhaps we can compare notes on Thursday.

Australia Day Jar Cozy

This pattern was adapted from a Patriotic Mason Jar Cozy designed by Melody Rogers and was downloaded from her Ravelry store.

I liked the patriotic idea, particularly with Australia Day getting closer, but the red, white and blue stars and stripes did not fit the bill.

Click here for a copy of the pattern.

My adaptation came with the design of the Southern Cross knitted into an inky, blue sky.

I only wish my Fair Isle techniques were up to scratch, but perhaps I can take lessons.

I am sure the design will work just as well in green and gold.


The Neck’s Big Thing

This pattern is quick and easy. I think you could dress it up a bit more with buttons on the pocket, or even strands in contrasting wool to the pocket.

The ideas are limitless.

Click here to download this free pattern from Shelley L Brander or go to her blog to see how she discovered it.


Pink Pussyhats for Washington protest

Click image to download your protest pattern.

Mary Ellen’s Christmas Stocking

Santa stocking in red, green and white
Arthur’s new Christmas stocking made to Mary Ellen’s pattern.

Just in case you missed the post about this beautiful Christmas stocking, click here and download the pattern with its heartwarming story.

It is well worth a read, even if you don’t knit the pattern.





Hoodies for your pets

I found these cuties at and thought of those of you who would like to keep their pets warm in winter. I may even do one for Pi, just to see how easy the pattern really is.

If you don’t like these two click here to find another style.

Image of dog wearing a knitted hoodie
Doesn’t Sparky look too cute. Click image to download pattern.
Cat wearing a knitted hoodie
One to keep our feline friends warm too. Click image to download pattern.







“Bubbles” Christening Shawl

The shawl as it is at present

This is going to be an ongoing project. Knitting the shawl is the easy part. The predominant stitch is garter stitch, with a few ‘y fwd, k2tog and slip 1 knit 1 psso’ thrown in occasionally to make the holes.

It is the picket edge that stumped me to start with, but again, once I got the hang of it, it was quite simple.

Not to much to it at all until you get to the picket edge. That stumped me for a long time, but again, once you get the hang of it, it is quite simple.

At present I am still knitting the body of the shawl but will very soon be at the picket edge which is also actually the cast off edge.

I will be including a copy of this much-loved pattern for you to try at the end of this project. If you want to have a go sooner, please email me at and I will forward it to you.