Noodle update

Just in case you are not on Facebook and haven’t seen the results of my little experiment, I did manage to do a couple of rows of knitting, but the noodles were so delicate. If I was a little too eager with my work, they broke and the whole piece collapsed in a sticky mess. Did you have a go?


I think this about sums my whole experiment up, except I never got close to a scarf

Yay, it’s the weekend … again!

This is going to be a very busy weekend for Grammazoo. I am going to knit my pink pussyhat before it is over – now that is going to be a challenge, considering ‘Squish’s’ shawl is also going to need some attention.

But I also have to keep the major off my back. He is dying to see what I do with the two-minute noodles I asked him to buy last week. I have kept him in suspenders until now, but feel the time is right to try it out.

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Woolly bully walks free

Amanda McCabe

While trawling Google before Christmas I came across this quirky news story about a woman in Dundee, Scotland who was prosecuted, and found guilty of road rage while on her way to her local wool shop.

The sheriff of Dundee certainly had a novel idea for punishing this offender.

She was lucky to complete her community service in the comfort of her own home particularly as she did attack the other driver and I wonder how much it actually cost her in wool.

Maybe a fine would have been better. although it seemed the sheriff was happy with her efforts and so her ‘fine’ was fully paid.

Would our courts be so imaginative or forgiving? I would love to hear what you think? To read the story please click here.