Finally …

I know I was supposed to launch the latest pattern find yesterday, but we had the nbn installed, and … say no more.

It took time, longer than I had and so today, I give you my find for this week, a beautiful summery scarf knitted in Mesh Stitch, or as I discovered when looking at youTube for a video explanation, a version of the Mesh Stitch.

This pattern is by Susan Mills from and to be honest, I really love it.

The scarf was designed to be knitted in a linen blend yarn and as no ply was given, for the first time in my life, I actually knitted a sampler to determine the gauge for the yarn I had planned to use.

I guessed the yarn was about 4ply and for my first sampler, I used 4mm needles. It wasn’t right, turning out a little tight, so I tried again using 5mm needles and hit the jackpot.

The yarn I bought was a 4ply, variegated cotton, and using 5mm needles and I got a great result.

As I do, I modified the pattern somewhat, adding a break of garter stitch after every 8 rows of pattern.

I don’t think it would matter whether you knitted it as is, or as I have done, it is a beautiful summery scarf, very suitable for the office, sitting under the airconditioning or as an evening throw. To download the pattern go to

Enjoy, I know I will.

The Loopy Last Stitch

This week’s tip also got missed because of the nbn installation, but I never give up, so please read on…

Before using technique

When you cast off, do you ever find the last stitch just does not sit properly?

It happens to me all the time and until now, has driven me absolutely crazy. Particularly when you start to put your garment together.

Thanks to a tip I found at I have a fix for you. There are a few cast-off tips on this page, but the one you need is ‘the Loopy Last Stitch’.

Using this new technique

To prove that it works, take a look at my samplers. I am seriously impressed and can now look forward to a far neater finish to my work, making seaming all that easier.

For Squish

The shawl has formed its circle, all I have to do now is pin it out for a week.

It will go on the floor under the dining room table at the weekend (the only dog and baby proof space I have), photos next week. Post the week after. Yay, I made it!