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There is a certain majesty in simplicity which is far above all the quaintness of wit.

18th Century poet Alexander Pope

There is a lot of truth in Pope’s words as ‘The Yarn Harlot’, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee writes:

It is some kind of miracle that all knitting is constructed of only two stitches: knit and purl. [Amazing when you think of it!] Sure, you throw in some yarn overs, and sometimes you knit the stitches out of order, but when it really comes down to it, knitting is simplicity. The most incredible gossamer lace shawl, the trickiest Aran, a humble sock … each are just made with knit and purl.

Know these two stitches; Rule the world.

And now I introduce the first of the many variations to the knit and purl stitches, the Daisy stitch.

The Daisy stitch is made up of just four rows. Rows 1 and 3 you simply knit. Rows 2 and 4 vary, only in the way you purl the stitches. The result is a very solid piece of material which would make a good panel in a plain jacket, a very warm child’s coat or cardigan, blanket or afghan.


For Daisy stitch you will need a multiple of four stitches, plus one.
Rows 1 and 3: (RS) knit
Row 2: K1, *p3tog, yo (wrap yarn completely around needle), purl same 3 sts tog again, k1; repeat from*.
Row 4: K1, p1, k1, * p3tog, yo, purl same 3 sts tog again, k1; repeat from*, p1, k1.
Repeat these four rows.

For a video tutorial, go to

Weekend project

And now for something small to keep the hands busy this weekend. This pattern is reputed to come from the 19th century. The pattern uses ‘short’ rows to form a ball, but is very easy to knit.

I recently made this little ball for baby Arthur. When filling it, I not only used the normal soft filling, but put crackly plastic and little bells inside so the ball made a noise when he played with it.

Click here to download the pattern or go to


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