Welcome to the new week

Grammazoo welcomes you back to another week of everything knitted and boy, do I have some interesting things for you this week.

I hope you had a great weekend following on from Australia Day. I cannot believe that we are nearly at the end of January 2017 already. I am not sure where the summer holidays have gone, but gone they have and a subtle quiet has descended on the house during the day.

I have a new stitch to show you on Tuesday. It is a variation of garter stitch with some clever ‘knit togethers’ thrown in and takes no time to learn. The result is a very open pattern, which is perfect for this week’s free pattern, a very summery scarf to be released on Wednesday.

There will also be more tips or tricks to help you improve on your already perfect garments, news stories, odd stories and more.

How did you find the pattern for the little 19th Century ball? Did you have a go? Pi the wonder dog took a great fancy to the one I knitted for Arthur, claiming for her own. I am going to have to knit Arthur another one as when he came for the day on Friday, Pi the wonder dog took off with it and claimed it as her own. If you did have a go, why not share a photo so we can all see how you went with the ‘short rows’.

My trial of arm knitting didn’t quite happen, but I am still determined to make that beautiful lacy cowl … on my arms!

First newsletter

Grammazoo will be four weeks old this Wednesday and for those of you who have signed up, you will be receiving your first monthly email packed full of goodies. I hope you enjoy it.

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