Yoga for knitting

Yoga? For knitting? You better believe it.

I was going through my regular emails last week and in one of the newletters, there was a link to yoga, specifically for knitters and crocheters.

I love yoga and intrigued I clicked the link, lo and behold, I found a series of 18 different stretches for the upper body to keep you supple as you ply away on your favourite project.

Each Friday for the next 18 weeks, I will preview a new pose. If you practise each of these in succession, your shoulders, arms and upper body will never cease up again.

I promise you Grammazoo will be taking up this practice, slowly building up a yoga routine that will hopefully ease the stiff neck and back pain I feel after knitting for long periods.

Click here to get a boost to your energy.

Weekend project #3

It is easy to see that Grammazoo has a little one in the house and loads of orange yarn.

This weekend’s project is going to be Nemo.

The original pattern is by Kathy Lewinski from Just Crafty Enough, and is a plain, orange fish, a perfect base to work from.

I am sure with a little imagination, it won’t be too hard to turn him into Nemo. I know my little man will love him.

Are you up for a challenge? Let’s see who adds the best stripes. I will be on the lookout for your photos on Monday.

For a .pdf version of Kathy’s pattern check out

Big mistake

This is what happens when you don’t take the time to roll a hank of wool.


I was so keen to start Arthur’s first winter project that I just started knitting. The first time I reached for more wool, I got tangled and the more I tried to untangle, the more tangled I became.

I spent the next day dutifully rolling the other hanks into balls and to date, I still have not restarted Arthur’s little tank top.